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Pastor Dr. Wallace A. Miller

Sports & Athletic Ministries

Some of the most active ministries at Bible Baptist Church are our athletic ministries. These ministries provide a means of fellowship for our members. They also are another way to reach out to Christian people who are not members at BBC, and give us another avenue for reaching people who do not yet know Christ as Savior.

All of our athletic ministries are tied directly in some way to people hearing someone preach and teach the Scriptures. We have brief devotions after our open-gym basketball. Other sports like softball and volleyball are linked to attending services at BBC. Our members must attend one time each week to participate. Non-members must attend once every two weeks to participate.

We have a great time participating. It is also a great opportunity to stay active and reach out to others through our athletic ministries. With the full-sized gym at our new facility, we are planning to do more of this type of ministry as God gives us opportunity in the future.