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1249 Symmes Road, Fairfield,OH  45014
Pastor Dr. Wallace A. Miller

Congregational Singing

The Bible clearly teaches that among ourselves we should speak: "...psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord" (Eph. 5:19). The Bible is far more focused on believers singing than it is focused on us listening to others sing -though we do that, too. Because of that, we start out each and every church service with several congregational songs. Our congregational songs would be called "traditional" (though not all of them are old, and all of them are done with a lot of life). They are focused on clear Biblical truths, our relationship with God, and the wonderful character and works of our God. All of our music and singing is focused on melody and Biblical content rather than "rhythm" or "repetition".


Our congregational singing is accompanied by talented musicians using their skills for their Savior. We have an electric piano, organ, and several other traditional orchestral instruments making a "joyful noise" when we sing together. They practice together before every service.

Special Singing

Each of our services also includes at least one special soloist or group before the message. Like our congregational singing... our special singing is focused on Biblical content, melody rather than beat, and lyrics that are clear enough that they could only be applied to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Adult Choir

Our adult choir is led by Jerry Stephens. This is one of our newer ministries. Our choir is a wonderful way for church members who have been blessed with the natural gift to be able to sing and harmonize. Our choir shares the gospel message in song, and (like our special singing) prepares the hearts of those who attend for a message from the Scripture. The choir practices and performs on a regular basis (but not yet every Sunday service).

Youth Choir

Our teenagers also have their own choir led by Josh Miller. They also practice regularly and perform songs with the same goal and standards as our other music ministries.